Enhanced Safety for Vehicles and Pedestrian when surfaces are wet or dry

High Friction Surfacing or Anti-Skid as it is also known greatly enhances skid resistance in wet weather conditions providing shorter breaking distances and more grip available in Hot, Cold or MMA Materials applied by our fully trained and experienced operatives.

BBA/HAPAS Certification provides piece of mind for clients that we are providing themselves with a quality product and quality service to compliment and that a product that conforms to Clause 924 of the Specification for Highway Works. Colours available in Type 1 surfacing are Buff, Grey or Black, but we do offer Green and Red which has a lower PSV of 65 for lane delineation.

Treated surfaces can be trafficked within a number of hours to as a little 15 minutes pending on chosen materials causing minimal disruption to the client and road users, typical HFS applications are motorway slip roads, approaches to pedestrian Crossings, dangerous/narrow bends and accident black spots, bus lanes, cycle lanes, factories and car parks.

Typical Benefits are:

  • Increased safety and skid resistance

  • Increased visual awareness to driver

  • 5-10 year service life

  • Shorter curing times providing less disruption

If you require more information do not hesitate to us on 02920 487888 or use the enquiry form.