Joints and Cracks

Road Repair Systems can permanently and economically repair cracks, open seams and joints in all asphalt and concrete surfaces. Available in cold/ hot single and multi part applications they are designed for cracks up to 40mm wide to the width of a tyre.

Typical Benefits are:
Easy Application – less susceptible to weather extremes and can be laid all year round (up to 3.5km in wet weather)

Cost Effective – Typically a fraction of the cost of more recognised alternatives.

Quick Setting – Typically cures and can be trafficked within 5 minutes of application with no loose aggregate

Highest Skid Resistance for added safety and grip – PSV 65 to 70.

Versatile – Can repair random cracks and adjacent potholes which have been created in the adverse weather the roads have been subjected to.

Quicker application minimises disruption and traffic management costs.

Overbanding and Sealing

At Glamorgan White Lining we are able to install a number of over banding and joint sealing products that are able to meet the required specification at competitive prices.

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